Positive Reality records predstavlja: Jungle/Balkan/Reggae/Dub

10. oktober, 2014

Začetek: 22:00
Konec: 05:00
Prispevek: 3 €

Focus (Srbija)

Biography: Ivan Andrijasevic, alias Fokus, has been into music since 2003. The very first genre that occupied his mind was hip hop - dynamic vocals, 'fat' bass lines and drum patterns, virtuous scratches, and intelligent sampling. As time progressed, this firm musical foundation evolved into dub, dubstep, and eventually reggae-influenced drum 'n' bass which is the cornerstone of his production today. Dub, both as musical genre and philosophy, has had a major impact on Fokus's production reflecting balance, harmony, and modesty in terms of sampling and the use of effects. Stylewise, the atmosphere in songs varies from relaxing ambient to dark and minimal, but it never drifts away from the core idea that music should maintain the thought-provoking function and thus entertain the listener in a more sophisticated fashion. So far, Fokus has released 9 EP's and has performed in many countries including Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, USA, Italy, Spain and Austria.

Haris Pilton (Positive Reality records)

Mixxle (Vibe department, Positive Reality records)

W.G.My Hell Jackson (Vibe department)

Mc Ali