Forestdelic Sailing pt.2

4. november, 2016

Začetek: 22.00
Konec: 6.00
Prispevek: 8 eur
18 +

Forestdelic Sailing pt.2

Pirates on board:

(Flow Ev. Records) Austria

1975 Human Groove was born in the city of Linz, Austria. At the age of 14 he started mixing his prefered sounds Progressive, Progressivhouse and Trance – at that time with vinyl. By watching DJs at work Human Groove taught himself the technique of mixing. 1994 he came in contact with Goa-/Psytrance – an experience that should change his life profundly. Living without that kind of music became impossible! Pumping, psychedelic beats are the signature of Human Groove, always together with a kickass baseline – both as DJ and Liveact. His spectrum ranges from progressive to psytrance tunes. Until now he shares his deep love to music at parties & festivals around Austria, Swiss, Hungary, Czech Republic and Thailand. But the journey has only just begun…

(Forestdelic Records)

SkokniPaLokni is Dejan Milakovic from Kranj, Slovenia. After years of listening to different kinds of electronic music, he got in touch with the trance sound back in 1994. Inspired by the punk movement, he started DJ-ing and mixing different styles of music, from old-school goa trance to deep forest psychedelic tunes. He has played numerous sets in Macedonia, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and others. You can also hear his sets containing soon-to-be released music on Forestdelic.

(Dancing Dragon)

(Flying Carpet)




Organiser: Drustvo Forestdelic
Location: Trainstation / Kranj


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