Chagadelia presents: Mirror ME! (live)

23. december, 2016
Začetek: 22.00
Konec: 6.00


Chagadelia na svojem šestem eventu nadaljuje svoj koncept visoko eksperimentalne, brezkompromisne cutting-edge psihadelije, tokrat z enim najvidnejših imen trenutne darkpsy scene, legendarnim MIRROR ME. Njegov visok standard produkcije in inovativen pristop sta zagotovilo za zadovoljitev najzahtevnejših glasbenih poznavalcev. Pred leti nas je v Zenon stilu navduševal na partiju pod organizacijo FlyingCarpet v Ljubljani in pri udeležencih pustil globok pečat. Ravnokar je ustanovil lastno založbo z imenom Painted Chaos Project, katere slogan se glasi: Create | Not Re-Create. V tem duhu bo premierno v Sloveniji predstavil svoj hitrejši alter-ego - »boundry breaking experimental psychedelic music«!

Česa takega v Trainstationu zagotovo še niste slišali, be there or…just be there!!!


Interests: Noise and Life
Influences: Frequencies

Mirror Me is the project of Antoni Girjatowicz. His music has been described with many different words, ranging from insane to beautiful, terrifying to hilarious, unsettling, calming, or just plain weird.
He believes that music is nobody's property, it is the voice of the Absolute being channelled by an individual, and the only measure is the honesty in how deep one can dig out creation from Within.
Biographically speaking, Antoni is a multi-instrumentalist at heart, whose journey with music began with private piano lessons, studying classical music theory. This was soon left behind to pursue the path of electronic musical creation. In 2011, Antoni discovered the world of psychedelic music, and immediately directed his creative energy to pursue his aspiration of psychedelic music production. In 2013, Mirror Me joined Zenon Records, where he released his debut EP and album. His second full-length album entitled 'Eat Everyone' was released in 2016 on Sacred Sound, which marked the beginning of the next stage in music creation for him. Later that year, he co-founded the experimental music label- Painted Chaos Project.
Now, Mirror Me is on the path of genre-crossing, boundary-breaking experimental psychedelic music production. He refuses to adhere to any stylistic rules, compositional norms, or BPM limits- endlessly striving towards spilling out music from the void with as much psychedelic honesty as he possibly can.


Not for the faint of heart.

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